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The Effects of Plastic Surgery on Pop Culture

The 411 on Plastic Surgery

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Are their really risks to Plastic Surgery?

The answer to that question is "Yes." Just like any other surgery their are always risk to plastic surgrey. Your docotor should do several things to help the chances of the patient having unneccesary results from the procedure. You will go through a screening process to make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready to have the comestic surgrey.

The Misconceptions of Plastic Surgery!!

One of the most common misconceptions of plastic surgery is that people believe that plastic surgery can is that this surgery can make the body look perfect, make scars dissapear, and can make anyone look young and beautiful. Plastic Surgery effects people but in many       different ways. It is belived that once someone has        plastic surgery done, they always will want something else done to their self to help their self image.Another misconceptions that the television programs fail to reconize during the shows is that there are no risks or complications to having plastic surgery. Although in all reality that are always some risks or complications to this surgery. Some of the main  risks of plastic surgery are the following:rejection of implants,sensory change around the opperation area, disclouristion of the skin, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, infection, formation of bad scar tissue,allergic reactions on the sedation, and most importantly death. The viewers of these television programs are being mislead becuase that dont see or hear about the risks or complications of having this kind of surgery. Plastic surgery is a very serious issue and if someone is deciding to have it done because they dont like the way their body looks, they should honestly talk to a surgeon and consider all of their options. You shoud always consult a surgeon before having the surgery so he or she can explain to you all the risks and complications of having this kind of surgery.

This is an example of a plastic surgery that went wrong.This is one of the misleading things that the televisions dont show their audience.