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The Effects of Plastic Surgery on Pop Culture

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The Effects Of Plastic Sugery on Pop Culture!!

Every person in today's world suffers from some loss of self esteem. Today's society has set out a standered of American beauty in which most women want to look like. Through television shows such as The Swan, I want a Famous Face (MTV), Dr.90210, and Extreme Makeover have set the american culture with the perfect american beauty self image that women want to look like. Today more women are deciding to have plastic surgrey to improve ones self image becasue they dont look like the latiest pop star. Most women feel like they have to uphold a certain image and they compare themselves to pop stars that are seen on todays television shows.Plastic Surgery has become one of the newest trends like a pair of jeans is a trend. More and more women every year decide to go under the knife and change their self image.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,President Ron Rohich says that the television shows seem to have unrealistic, and unhealthy expectations of plastic surgrey.Television shows mislead our society about what plastic sugery actually is and what it can do for the people. The reality television shows how the young teenagers or adults who are self consious about their body and they want to change their apperance and they want to look like one of todays pop stars. These television programs show people having two or three surgeries at one time but in reality when u want to have multiple surgeries they do it one at a time. The reality television shows dont show what happens and the effects it has on the patients after the surgery. Our Society has to know the plastic surgery is just as big as a surgery as having an open heart sugery. There are a number of risks involved with plastic surgery.  
 The media and Pop Culture have put the wrong idea to the vision of beauty. Todays televsion shows have turned the message the bodys beauty and made people believe the wrong message, so this way we will turn to plastic surgery as an answer to those problems. As the economic conditions improve more people can afford to have the surgery done. More and more americans are influenced to have plastic surgery because of the television programs such as The Swan, Extreme Makeover, Dr.90210 and I want A Famous Face.Theses shows are sending the worng message our vewiers that plastic surgery is perfectly safe and harmless.During these shows you watch people's body being cut open and battered. For example when someone under goes a tummy tuck procedure the surgeons creat a whole new stomach for the patient. They tighten up the muscles from the lower chest area to the pubis.These patients go trough tramatic body damage and these programs dont show the reality of what plastic surgery is actually like.
When in all reality plastic surgery is very harmful to ones body and it also has many risks and complications that anyone will deal with when deciding to have the surgery done. For many of years our culture has been trying to change the way they look in order to become an image of our society's definition of Ideal Beauty.Now i believe that some plastic surgery is fine to have but thats only when someone has a major deformity on their body and it needs to get fixed. What i dont agree with is people having plastic surgery to fit our culture's image of the ideal beauty.  I believe that natural beauty is much longer lasting than a fake beauty .                 

This is a before and after picture of a person who had a tummy tuck procedure preformed.
Illustrated By: Amy Westfall
8th Period